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Hey, guys! Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time to write on this blog site ( blog). I have been experiencing some hardships lately, but I swear to start publishing more often as I know many of you wait for these articles to be released.

The other blog site I own is, which many of you follow as well, but if you don’t follow that one and you love dogs I highly recommend subscribing and grabbing a free e-book.

The not having time ‘thing’ is basically what I want to talk to you about today on my more personal blog (my experiences, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, etc).

Podcasts are Helpful

At one time, I didn’t think podcasts were all that great. Now, I absolutely love them. I have been in this line of work for 10 or more years with writing being my main ‘thing’ for around 5. I write on a range of topics as you can tell, but even podcasts which teach something completely ‘off the wall’ can be extremely helpful to not only a writer, but to anyone.

The podcast I was listening to today was done by Sarah Werner. It’s the ‘Write Now’ podcast. This is tailored toward writers so this particular one may or may not be for you. But, she did discuss the importance of balancing family, work, and time for yourself.

Balancing My Own Life

As a single mother of two boys, the owner of a rapidly expanding company, and an attempting fitness mama, you can only imagine how much “extra” time I have on my hands. I have been attempting to prioritize the best I can, though (while going through some very tough times).

My point in this is… if I can do it you can do it! I literally have the weight of the world on my shoulders but I do my best to carry it as gracefully and effectively as possible.

How? I get up early and stay up late. Not exactly the most healthy way to do things, but I don’t sleep much so why not use free time toward ‘being on top of things.’ My boys depend on me for literally everything. I am their protector, supporter, the ‘head of the household.’

That’s kind of why I wanted to write this today, though. Sometimes we all get off track with that balance but it’s so important. Sarah emphasized that in the podcast I listened to today. She emphasized it for the exact same reason I am today– because it’s SO important and it’s SO easy to get stuck on one thing. And, once the balance is ‘out of whack,’ it’s hard to get back on the right ‘life track.’

Of course, there are times where you won’t have that balance. It will be 200% impossible. That’s kind of me right now. I have so much work to do that I usually get up extremely early and work in the morning and/or I stay up extremely late to get my time in. Then, while my boys are busy having their ‘own independent play time,’ I am able to sneak some non-distracted work in.

I submit high-quality work quickly and work hard for my clients. But, I will always be working on that life/work balance. And, as a writer, there are always ideas flowing through your head.

It’s not easy work, either. Most people would say ‘oh, you’re just a writer, must be easy.’ Not really. If you have ever tried to write something substantial that would be sent to the CEO of a large company, you would discover (or perhaps you have discovered), this is NOT to be taken lightly and it does require quite a bit of time. Plus, it’s mentally exhausting sometimes. The physical toll… you may not think there’s much there either. But, there are times where I get on a ‘roll’ and I don’t want to lose it so I will sit and write until all of the words have been spit onto the piece of paper. Then, here comes the back ache, or a head ache, and/or exhaustion.

Being Happy with Your Life and Work

I am absolutely not complaining. I adore my company and I love my clients. I am actually searching for an additional client or two as we speak. And, I am getting better at the balance with some help of whiteboards/schedule books/etc.

Regardless of the type of work you do, my readers, I am sure you experience problems with this balance as well. It can be rough. It’s a hard world, we need to make sure bills are paid, dinner is on the table, and there’s enough extra to have fun with our families.

P.S.- If you have kids, don’t forget they come first, ALWAYS. If I had to choose anything versus my children, I would choose my children, and don’t be afraid to tell your employer that. Every CEO and professional I meet understand how much I value my family. If anything were to happen, they know my babies would come before anything else in my life.

Take Breaks: Alone Time is a Must

This is the last topic I want to discuss with you on here today. I forget often to take breaks for myself. I have to continuously remind myself to do this.

When I have even a few minutes of free time while the kids are sleeping, at school, at their grandparents visiting, etc., I think to myself “I could use this 45 minutes to be writing.” Or, “I could use this 45 minutes to clean.”

But, don’t forget to take time for yourself. You need this time. And yes, I am preaching to myself here as well. I have been working on getting a 30 minute-1 hour workout in before my kids wake up every morning and a 20 minute or so bath every other night to relax. I have also been escaping into nature (nature is my peace) to simply sit in the woods, listen to the creek out back, or even just go hiking alone… even if it is only for 30-45 minutes. That’s time for myself. Time to re-energize. Time to clear my mind. Time to get rid of any negative thoughts.

I could go on forever about this, but I highly recommend listening to some podcasts, working on your life’s balance, and taking a little bit of time for yourself.

Right now, I have to go check on some sleepy kids who are in their beds watching TV for ‘calm down time.’ Goodnight, everyone!





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