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Successful Single Mom: You Can Do It

Let’s say your husband has left you. Or, your boyfriend. Or, fiance. Whatever he was to you, he left you and your child/children right as you were on your ladder to success. It doesn’t matter where on the ladder of success; it could be at the bottom or it could be at the top.

Regardless of where on the ladder you are, you must keep climbing. When we are dreaming, there isn’t really a such thing as ‘the top of the ladder.’ If you are still at the lower end of the ladder, it’s okay, and don’t let this overwhelm you. But, even at the top of the ladder, successful women are still climbing (sorry guys- there are definitely some amazing single fathers out there- but I am speaking to the Mommies today– PS. Thank you for being strong, too).

I have met and continue to meet CEO’s who are cranking out $500,000+ per year in salary. But, they aren’t to the top of the ladder yet. Why? Well, because money wasn’t really their main goal in what they have created. The money followed the passion. Until that goal is accomplished, they won’t be at the top of the ladder. And, even then, many create new goals to accomplish throughout their career.

Let’s Get to the Point

Being a single Mom is ROUGH. It’s heart-breaking, it’s exhausting, it’s about playing both roles-mother and father- in many cases, yet we still must find the willpower, the determination, the love, and the passion for success. Why? I’ll tell you our “why.” Our “why” is our babies. We do as much as we can for them, push as hard as we can for them, each and every day.

As a single parent, of course it’s not easy to climb that ladder to success. But, it’s not easy as a happily married woman either. You have to realize that. What has really changed?

In my world, as the single mother of two young little boys, not much has changed other than my work schedule. And, even that isn’t too far off.

The Work Schedule

I now work extra hours at night to bring more revenue in to my company while they’re sleeping. I exchange my sleep to make their lives better. 

I also usually work during the school day, but since there’s no school right now, my schedule is a little scattered (yet organized at the same time). Since I write and teach completely from home now (believe me- that was NOT easy- a lot of unpaid sleepless nights, unpaid days, unpaid tasks), I am able to tailor my schedule to my children’s.

If they are playing in their room, or it’s a rainy day and they are watching a movie, or maybe playing at their grandparents’ house, I take every opportunity I can to work. When they aren’t busy, I am playing with my boys.

What makes it worth it? Every kiss. Every hug. Every moment with your children.

Not long ago, I was driving my boys in the new van I bought us (so very proud), and out of no where my kids say “Mom, i’m so proud of you.” When I asked why, each of them had their own reasons. Of course, my oldest has more of an idea what goes on, so he told me he was proud of me for being strong and working hard. My youngest said he was proud of me because he loves our new van and home.

I work hard day in and day out to make this happen. 



What makes you truly happy? Whether you’re a single mom, a happily married mother, or otherwise, what makes you happy? Do you want to go back to college but are afraid to? Do you have questions about online education? Are you not sure what you want to do?

If you EVER need any help, please feel free to contact me. Reach out to me. Send me a message. Send me an e-mail. I am not going to charge you, I am here to help you. I’m here to make a difference and show you dreams can come true if you work hard. I’m here for you every step of the way.

Until next time! 

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