Content Writing

e-Books- Offer a free e-book to your clients to begin the sales funnel, gain trust, and fuel engagement.

Online Course Development- Development of content-based courses and/or training courses for employees.

Case Studies

White Papers



Each blog post is so much more than just another blip in an endless sea of toneless articles. Tailored to the tone of your business, peppered with personality, and backed up with credible sources and expert quotes to stand out and get shared.


  • Editorial Calendar as Desired
  • Thorough Research
  • Drafting
  • Featured Image on Each Post
  • Publishing (via your platform or sent to you in Microsoft Word)

Writing original, SEO-focused content – Boost your content marketing and search placement. Gain trust with your readers.


Editing/Proofreading- Enhancing existing content by thoroughly reviewing and rewriting content as necessary – Enhance SEO via Yoast program, clarify unclear messages, enhance consistency, and polish existing content.

Social Media Management

Build an audience and encourage engagement with updates, content shares and interactive posts.


  • Audience Building Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Targeted Content to Social Media Community
  • Boosted Content (if desired)


  • Canine Behavior
  • Canine Health
  • Canine Wellness
  • Higher Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women in Business