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How to Convey Passion in Writing

Passion is the most important thing that you can convey in your writing. It’s what makes your reader connect with you, and it’s what separates good writing from great writing.

You’ll know if you’re passionate about something because it will feel like a part of you—like no one else could have written it. You’ll be able to write about that thing with such clarity and focus that it almost feels like you’re speaking directly to the reader.

Passion in Writing

Only mention your passion once, but state the characteristics that produce it as many times as possible without repeating yourself so the reader can feel what you did.

Here are three tips for how to write with a passion that will excite and engage your audience:

  1. Make your work a labor of love. Each time you sit down to write, remember the passion that’s at the end of your pen or keyboard.
  2. Make your words jump off the page.
  3. Make it personal. Show some vulnerability in your writing.

Showing Passion Not Only in Your Writing but with Your Company

One may also ask, how do you show you are passionate about your job with your company– whether you work for someone else or run the company yourself?

Here are a few tips for staying passionate about your job.

  1. Understand the impact you make from the information you share.
  2. Embrace the journey.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  4. Keep passionate company. The company you keep will drain your inspiration or fuel it.
  5. Don’t label yourself an expert — keep learning. Learn all you can. Enroll in courses.
  6. Always have integrity.
  7. Don’t expect perfection. It’s often the imperfections that provide the best experiences.
  8. Change things up. Keep a routine, but make minor changes to keep things fresh.
  9. State how you’re feeling.

Talking About Passion

Now, how do you talk about passion?

  1. Be honest: When you respond to a question or comment, share something that you truly care about. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
  2. Prepare a response: It’s easier to respond when you have an idea of what you are going to say. If you know what will be discussed ahead of time, don’t practice but rather dig deep into yourself to determine what truly matters to you.
  3. Be enthusiastic. Remember, this is passion that you’re talking about. Passion lights a fire inside your soul. And, if you have passion, that’s a gift to be honored.

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