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How to Be an Amazing Boss to Yourself

It’s natural to dream about being your own boss. That kind of freedom has many advantages, as long as you’re able to handle the responsibilities that come along with them.

It’s a big change to go from being an employee to running your own operation. You’re no longer accountable to your supervisor and the rest of your team. You have to provide your own leadership while taking care of each task, from buying pens to setting corporate strategy.

Are you ready to give up your day job and explore the entrepreneurial track? Try these ideas for being an amazing boss to yourself.

Being Productive

You may be able to accomplish more when you can rely on your own work style instead of trying to adapt to others.

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Cultivate habits that help you reach your goals:

Plan your days. Scheduling your time enables you to work more efficiently. Complete challenging tasks during the hours when you feel at your peak. Give yourself enough time for each activity.

Get organized. Design a workspace that is comfortable and functional. Use storage systems to cut down on clutter. Make lists to help you jog your memory and stay on track.

Practice self-care. Look after your physical and mental well-being. Eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Collaborate with others. Ask for help when you need it, so you can focus on your strengths. Hire a virtual assistant or a bookkeeper. Team up with another freelancer who provides related services.

Investing in Your Development

The daily demands of working for yourself can make it difficult to think about your future. Set aside time for activities that help you to stay relevant and connected.

Consider These Activities

Continue learning. Read books and industry publications. Take courses and earn certifications online.

Teach others. Sharing your knowledge and experience with others can be educational for you too. Mentor a recent graduate. Teach a class at a neighborhood library or community center.

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Strengthen your network. Stay in touch with old contacts and reach out to new ones. Attend local business events. Participate in online forums. Make at least 3 lunch or coffee dates each week.

Promote yourself. You’re responsible for keeping your pipeline full of new leads. Update your website and social media feeds. Explore low-cost advertising and free publicity.

Manage your finances. Life is different without a guaranteed paycheck. Build up your savings to see you through emergencies and slow times. Take advantage of tax deductions.

Finding Balance

If you’re self-employed, in most cases, you’re more likely to work long hours. Unfortunately, excessive overtime makes you less productive and puts you at risk for burnout.

Take Advantage of These Strategies

Set realistic goals. Understand your abilities and limitations. You may need to scale back on other commitments, especially when you’re starting up. Learn from experience and treat yourself with compassion while you’re learning to be your own boss.

Create boundaries. Without a 9 to 5 schedule, your business can start to crowd out your personal life.

Decide on your available hours and let your clients know about them. Keep work documents in your office space and out of the rest of your home.

Take time off. You still need weekends and vacations, as well as sick leave. Forget about waiting for an ideal time to go away. There are many inexpensive ways to relax and have fun.

Work Hard

On the bright side, being self-employed means that you have a boss who cares about you and shares your vision. You can succeed if you’re willing to work hard at turning your vision into a fulfilling career.

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