ways to focus your mind
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6 Ways to Focus Your Mind

Humans are losing the power of focus by the day and it seems like in the coming years a mere few seconds of attention will be rated as quite an achievement! That’s because the millions of distractions around us have sucked away our power of focus. Sometimes this lack of focus takes a toll on us when… Continue reading 6 Ways to Focus Your Mind

habits to ensure you have a good day
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10 Habits to Ensure You Have a Good Day

Your habits can make or break your day. Imagine getting up late, only drinking soda, and spending your entire evening watching TV. You’re bound to have a bad day, especially if these things are habitual. You can create a set of habits that will all but ensure that you consistently have a great day. Some of… Continue reading 10 Habits to Ensure You Have a Good Day

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What To Do When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

You’re bound to have moments in your life when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed. You lay there in bed, just staring at the ceiling, thinking about how miserable you are. Those feelings might be some mild form of depression. It could also be an emotional drain caused by stress at work… Continue reading What To Do When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

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Understand You ARE Enough

Have you ever thought “I don't feel like i'm doing enough”? Or, "I don't feel like I am as good as I should be at x." Well, sure you have and, believe me, you’re not the only one. There are many logical answers you can give yourself as an answer to the question. But, also,… Continue reading Understand You ARE Enough

affirmations that help boost your self esteem
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Affirmations That Help Boost Your Self Esteem

We’ve all heard that positivity does wonders when it comes to living the life you always wanted. Positive affirmations work in a pretty simple way – they build connections in your brain, tricking it to subconsciously prove those assumptions correct- hence building your self-esteem. Positive affirmations work, according to the science behind them, as evidenced… Continue reading Affirmations That Help Boost Your Self Esteem