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How to Be an Amazing Boss to Yourself

It’s natural to dream about being your own boss. That kind of freedom has many advantages, as long as you’re able to handle the responsibilities that come along with them. It’s a big change to go from being an employee to running your own operation. You’re no longer accountable to your supervisor and the rest… Continue reading How to Be an Amazing Boss to Yourself

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Solving Life’s Problems with Your Journal

A journal can serve as a wonderful tool for not only recording your life but also for helping to find solutions to life’s challenges. Many people view a journal as the same thing as a diary, but there is a fundamental difference. A diary is used to record external events in your life, but a… Continue reading Solving Life’s Problems with Your Journal

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Introspection Questions: Ask and Improve

Most of us automatically assume we know ourselves. Our experiences, tied together with our memories, perceived tastes, fears, and hopes, form our ego and our idea of ourselves. Still, most people have sides of them that remain unexplored given the tendency of humans to avoid deep thought and thorough honesty with themselves. Unfortunately, we are… Continue reading Introspection Questions: Ask and Improve

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Benefits of the Silk & Sonder Planner

I am always searching for good journals and planners. Believe me, I looked through MANY. I went through at least four before I found the one I have now. I recently came across the Silk & Sonder planner and now I am re-considering my decision... again. This planner literally has EVERYTHING I have been searching… Continue reading Benefits of the Silk & Sonder Planner

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Keeping a Nature Journal

Keeping a nature journal is a great way to learn about the natural world. You can use your journal to record information or observations, sketch or draw plants and animals, and even write down your thoughts. There are no rules when it comes to keeping a nature journal. You can use any paper and pen… Continue reading Keeping a Nature Journal