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Benefits of the Silk & Sonder Planner

I am always searching for good journals and planners. Believe me, I looked through MANY. I went through at least four before I found the one I have now. I recently came across the Silk & Sonder planner and now I am re-considering my decision… again. This planner literally has EVERYTHING I have been searching for. You’ll see what I mean in a minute! Personally, I plan to use this planner for the rest of this year and move forward.

The Benefits of the Silk & Sonder Planner

Each journal features:

  • Guided prompts
  • Wellness trackers
  • Scheduled calendar pages for easy reflection
  • Creativity games

Creativity and focus are influenced by positive psychology, bullet journal practices, and proven self-help ideas.

silk and sonder planner

Self-Care for Mental Health

The Silk & Sonder journal is a comprehensive, all-in-one self-care solution. These journals are based on positive psychology and inspired by bullet journaling practices, resulting in the ideal mix of productivity, introspection, and action. You’ll also have access to a members-only community where you may get peer-to-peer support.

journaling for mental health

Sonder Club is a members-only network that can be accessed through the Silk & Sonder app. It’s a positive, encouraging environment that promotes creativity, connection, compassion, and clarity. 

Grab Your Planner!

Some people choose not to use planners like this, but I find that they help me focus and stay positive. It aids in the development of healthy new habits and increases my self-awareness. I already use a planner to keep track of my daily activities and stay organized, but being able to keep track of not only meetings, appointments, and scheduling, but also habits, moods, and activities is a game-changer for me.

You can grab yours here!

Let us know what you think and how it’s helped you in the comments below!

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