Looking Straight into the Face of Adversity

Hey, guys! As many of my readers know, I have been going through some challenging times lately. In many fields, people encourage you not to mix your personal life with your professional life. In my field, I have discovered through speaking with many CEO’s, business professionals, and other leaders, discussing the obstacles you have faced,Continue reading “Looking Straight into the Face of Adversity”

Thoughts on Life, Parenting, Work, and Prioritizing

Hey, guys! Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time to write on this blog site (TheAmberDrake.org blog). I have been experiencing some hardships lately, but I swear to start publishing more often as I know many of you wait for these articles to be released. The other blog site I own is dogbehaviorblog.org, which manyContinue reading “Thoughts on Life, Parenting, Work, and Prioritizing”

Divorce, Hardship, and the ‘Professional’ Image

You know, they say you shouldn’t mix business and personal experiences. Over the last few years, I have met hundreds of corporate executives, business owners ranging from large to small, and several ‘celebrity’ figures. Do you know what they all had in common? They didn’t hide anything. Ever. If they were going through an amazingContinue reading “Divorce, Hardship, and the ‘Professional’ Image”

Freelance Writer for Hire

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! Powerful, striking writing is critical to your image. Nearly every market is saturated, and the pet market is one of the most saturated of all. You need a unique, friendly approach to your writing. You need writing everyone can relate to regardless of their background. Together, we will developContinue reading “Freelance Writer for Hire”