Divorce, Hardship, and the ‘Professional’ Image

You know, they say you shouldn’t mix business and personal experiences. Over the last few years, I have met hundreds of corporate executives, business owners ranging from large to small, and several ‘celebrity’ figures.

Do you know what they all had in common? They didn’t hide anything. Ever. If they were going through an amazing experience or a horribly rough patch in their life, personal or professional, it was shared.

This freedom allowed them to connect with their target audience. They connected better to those who they were working with whether it be their employees, their partners, or their consumers.  Why?

I asked that same question when I first started my own company. I had always thought it was ‘bad business’ to bring your personal feelings to work. And, in many cases, this is still the belief. But, as a writer and the owner of a relatively large organization, I have also found this to be true.

Instead of people looking at you as if you are ‘superior’ to them, they look at you on the same level as they’re on. No one is better than anyone else. Everyone has a purpose in their life. Everyone has incredible times. Everyone struggles from time to time. And, everyone wears some type of scar (if not many scars).

Personal Hardships

I’m going through an extremely complicated, difficult time right now. That doesn’t stop me from producing high-quality work. That gives me more ‘umph’ to push harder.

About 6 months ago, my husband left our family and we’re currently going through a very complicated, heartbreaking divorce. I am the single mother of two beautiful little boys. It’s just the three of us in this beautiful life.

I’m happy. My kids are happier than ever. I am not perfect and my life isn’t perfect… but it’s perfect to me. I have a company that I am beyond proud of and, more importantly, I am working hard to provide my two little boys with the most incredible life possible.

I didn’t stop living. I didn’t stop pushing and I will not stop pushing myself as hard as I can to continue growing my company. I have worked extremely hard to get this far and my company is still growing at an impressive rate.

I still produce high-quality work. I am still sending out proposals. I still attend all of the meetings I schedule.

Dreams don’t stop just because someone let you down.

Basically, what I am trying to convey here is whatever you’re going through, keep pushing forward.

You’ll get through this and time heals all wounds. Time may not heal the wound completely and it will more than likely leave a scar on your soul, but this is only one chapter in your book of life.

There are so many more chapters and with each chapter will come new adventures. Everything happens for a reason.

Taking Personal Pain and Transforming into Entrepreneurial Excellence

Every great leader, every corporate executive, and every professional leader in general has likely experienced pain of some sort during their journey to where they are now.

The thing is… what did they do with it?

Instead of focusing on the pain, or the heartache, they use the pain as fuel to push them forward even further. Instead of using the pain as an excuse to back down, they use the pain as a reason to push harder.

The other part of it… always be optimistic. If someone you love or loved leaves your life, let them. Look at the positive side of it rather than the negative. If they left, they don’t deserve you. You deserve better. You deserve someone who will love and support you through all chapters in your book of life, not just the ones that are most convenient for them.

Finding an Outlet

Another way leaders get through personal hardships is to find an outlet for the pain. Many work more hours or find a new hobby. Those who have children often take more trips.

Don’t bottle it up. This will not only affect your personal life, but it will affect your professional life as well.

Talk about your experiences. Share what you’re going through. Show those who are just starting out on their journey that even a CEO experiences hardships. Show them how to push through the pain.

Karissa and Holistic Confidence

My best friend, a passionate and confident leader, and a huge inspiration to me each day, hosts a video chat nearly every morning. I look forward to listening to her words of inspiration every morning when I wake up.

Karissa has several products she can introduce you to. Her main organization is known as Thrive. If you haven’t heard of it, get ahold of her and just ask. She’s more than happy to answer any questions. She’s not pushy. She’s more concerned in ensuring you are confident in yourself. She’s more interested in helping others than selling her product(s).

Yes, her products are important to her and she believes in them fully, but that’s not what she considers as her main purpose and that’s what makes her business so inspirational. If you visit her page by clicking here, you’ll see exactly what I am talking about. She is here to inspire you, to push you to your best potential, and to bring sunshine to your day.

The ‘Professional’ Image

Basically, what I am getting at here, is we (as the general public) see many professionals as having PERFECT lives. They have it ALL figured out Their lives are literally a dream come true.

They are usually a dream come true, that’s a generally true statement, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any pain in their life. That doesn’t mean their isn’t any struggle. That doesn’t mean their lives are perfect. It means they have decided to look at the optimistic side of life. They have made the decision to use what they are going through as more fuel to push forward in their career… to push forward in their lives.

Never give up. Everyone is a little broken.

Published by AmberLDrake

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”. To be successful is to have no limitations, it is to work through all obstacles, to have extreme passion for life, and love for others, and this seems to be the underlying motto of Amber Drake’s life. Drake is a highly accomplished, world-renowned, and published book author, freelance writer and editor, inspirational speaker, an inspiring teacher, a well-reputed canine behaviourist, a canine cancer researcher, and the CEO of Canine Companions. As a child, she was keenly interested in the veterinary field and this interest paved way for her to be the successful businesswoman she is today. Starting with an Associate of Science degree in Biology in 2007 from Jamestown Community College, she has since expanded her knowledge horizon by acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree with courses from both SUNY Fredonia and Cornell University, followed by a Master of Arts Degree in Education (2011) from Ashford University, a Post-Master’s Educational Certification, and a Doctorate in ABD from the North Central University, Prescott Valley Arizona. Driven by her love for dogs, she regards her company, Canine Companions, as her greatest work-related accomplishment. She wrote the book, ‘Dog Talk: What Your Dog Wants You To Know’ as a comprehensive guide to understanding the behavior of dogs. She has since been involved in numerous writing jobs in the field, varying from writing about veterinary medicine for pet insurance companies to serving as the Co-founder and Vice President at Preferable Pups. She actively engages in content management, copywriting and research work, ghost-writing, and content marketing for organizations around the world. In addition to being an incredibly successful writer, canine behaviorist, and a CEO, she is an educator as well as an experienced curriculum developer. She is a Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Mentoray, where she teaches and develops curriculum. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Professional Sciences at Kaplan University and an Adjunct Instructor of Biology at Jamestown Community College (10+ years). Drake is a woman of many skills. She has been in the freelance content writing field for almost 7 years now with a vast amount of writing experience throughout the past ten years. She is a proficient copywriter, blogger, and has years of experience in content management and development, content creation proofreading, written communication, and correspondence. She has a number of certifications including, but not limited to, Canine Psychology, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Snapchat Marketing, and Google AdWords. Drake is a woman of extreme passion with great love for her work as a canine behaviourist, writer, and college professor. You can read more about her on her website http:/www.AmberLDrake.org or connect with her on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/specialistamberdrake.

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